How To Be Strong During An Emotional Upheaval

This session will share something from my personal pilgrimage, as well as from the life of the Apostle Paul as seen in Second Corinthians. Many who go through an emotional upheaval in their lives end up adding to their problems by the way they handle their emotions. They may say to themselves: "you shouldn't be experiencing what you are going through. It is not right to be in such a state." One of the finest examples of emotional health is exemplified in 2 Corinthians. Paul shared his emotions and concerns for the Corinthians, and we will see the result was not a weakening of their relationship, but rather, his vulnerability contributed to a very positive strengthening of their bond. We will study a number of upheaval words in this book. They are words that express deep emotion, distress, and trouble. We will then get a definition of the word and see the cause of, the cure for, and the consequences of each of these emotional situations.

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