Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Intercessor Job Description

  1. Choose one of the following areas to pray specifically for:
    1. Youth
    2. Children
    3. Men's or women's ministry
    4. Buds program (Boys United with Dads & Sons)
    5. Hillcrest Community Services—Serenity, Food Bank, Lifelines, etc.
    6. Hillcrest 2001 people and facility building plan
    7. University ministry (Campus Christian Fellowship)
    8. Small groups
    9. One or more missionaries from Hillcrest Chapel
    10. Worship and teaching ministries of Hillcrest Chapel
    11. Other


  2. Pray for leaders/participants/outreach in your area:
    1. Pray for God's provision
    2. Pray persistently
    3. Pray specifically
      1. Protection from Satan's schemes and evil
      2. Boldness to minister or speak
      3. Person(s) to be aware of God's presence
      4. Spirit to lead participant(s) into truth
      5. Spirit's control and power
      6. Evangelism of pre-Christians
      7. Discipleship/follow-up of new converts
      8. Rooted in the Word
      9. Jesus to be glorified
      10. Workers sent and not growing weary in doing good
      11. Other


  3. If you become a prayer intercessor for Hillcrest Chapel, you will receive:
    • The biography of a praying saint
    • This prayer journal
    • The names of all our Hillcrest Chapel missionaries
    • Periodic intercession training sessions
    • A silent retreat each year
    • (Become) a prayer council member