Friday, December 08, 2023
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Session Five: A Potpourri of Expository Questions and Tests

The following are some of the questions that will be asked and answered in this session: How can I do topical studies accurately? How do we respond to finicky spiritual tastes? Should we teach others to evaluate our and others' messages biblically? How long into the future should I plan my preaching?

1. Topical Bible Study. How do we prepare a topical study so that our problems are matched with accurate Scriptural answers? A 12-step process will be given in an essential outline entitled Topical Bible Study. In addition, a very complete example of a topical study on worry and anxiety will also illustrate the process. Here now!

2. The Test of the Teacher and His Teaching, or, The Church's Testing Program.

Should we teach others to evaluate our and others' messages biblically? The Scripture says: "Watch out for false prophets..."—Matt. 7:15. In order to do that, this test has been devised. Apply the following tests to yourself, before you apply them to others—Matt. 7:1-5. Then when a person says they're a Christian or a great teacher, don't judge. Just wait for the fruit. Put them through the tests!

  • The Theological Test is: watch your/their teaching (words)
  • The Confessional Test is: watch your/their allegiance.
  • The Character Test: watch your/their character.
  • The Lifestyle Test: watch how you/they live.
  • The Influence Test: watch the fruit of the teaching in your/their followers. Here Now!

3. A Long Range/Study/Preaching Program.
How long into the future should I plan my preaching/study? Here's an example of the types of studies that might be included in a balanced study program in a small group or the teaching in a church. Here Now!

4. How do you feed people with finicky spiritual tastes?.
When they've heard it all before. By Craig Brian Larson. Here Now!